The uncompromising quality of Rice and Spices enables us to enjoy good, long-term, and healthy business relationship with all our clients. In addition, we are always keen on establishing new relationships.

Statistics :

RICE Export:

Our Rice Processing facilities are located in the heart of Indian Rice Land, near the state of Punjab in Northern India.

We process rice hygienically in sophisticated plants and machines, due to which the rice coming out of our facilities is UNTOUCHED by the human hands, under professional supervision at every step.

                    Basmati Rice Export Statistics - Country Statistics*

The production of Basmati Rice, in India, is approximately 1.0 to 1.5 Million tons, annually. Only about two thirds of the total Basmati Rice produced is exported, at an approximate value of US$ 724.00 Million. Rest is consumed with in the country it self.

Million Tons

Million Dollars (US)

                                  Non Basmati Rice Export Statistics*

India is the second largest Rice producer in the world. India exports about 3.5 Million Tons of Non-Basmati Rice, valued at approximately US$ 950.00 Million.

SPICES Export :
The organization’s priority is to meet our customers’ needs and requirements, to utmost satisfaction; we procure every spice from its individual source directly. Cutting out the intermediaries gives us an edge in the Price Competitiveness.

Professionals, deputed at the each individual source, ensure the high quality of the Spices and only the best quality Spices are, in the true sense of it, hand picked and sorted for our prestigious clientele.

                          Spices Export Statistics – Country Statistics*

Spices Industry is growing at an average rate of about 22% - 25% per year. The total, current, exports from India are valued at over US$ 1.00 Billion. Indian Spices Export market would touch a landmark figure of US$ 10 Billion in export by the year 2015* (According to the growth predictions)

India has a share of 44% of the total worldwide Spices Trade in terms of Value and a huge share of 48% of total spices trade in terms of Volumes -


Volumes Value

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